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Effective January 1st, 2022, Orlando Spinal Aid Centers has implemented a NO-SHOW policy. Patients will be charged $50 for each missed appointment, regardless of insurance coverage. All No-Show fees must be paid prior to the next appointment. Repeat offenders may have their doctor-patient relationship terminated.

Orlando  Spinal Aid Centers has adopted a NO-SHOW policy effective January 1st, 2022.  This policy states that they will now charge patients $24 for each missed “No-Show” appointment. This policy applies to new and established patients and will be charged directly to the patient/guarantor, NOT to the patient’s insurance. All No-Show fees MUST be paid prior to the next appointment in order to be seen.Orlando Spinal Aid Centers reserves the right to terminate the doctor-patient relationship of established patients due to no-shows. 

New patients who no-show for their appointment will NO longer be able to schedule with our providers and WILL be billed the No-Show fee. New patients will be allowed to be seen in ReadyCare, but ONLY after the No-Show fee has been paid...